BBQ Game Jam 5

August 26-27, 2017 Register!

This summer, we invite all creative people, graphical designers, musicians, developers, hackers to participate in a relaxed atmosphere to the Barbecue Game Jam: one day of video game creation accompanied with sun* and grilled stuff! (veggie-friendly =P) This year, you will be able to attend to this game jam on the location of your choice: Technoport in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg or, TCRM-Blida in Metz, France.


Game Jam ?

Gather video game creators, ranging from hobbyists to professionals. Mix everyone in teams. Wait for 24 to 72 hours and you will get innovative games and a great social experience.
A game jam is not a competition, but rather a moment of sharing passion, of learning, of innovation or of personal challenge, and above anything else an unforgettable moment.

BBQ Game Jam ?

The BBQ Game Jam is slightly different. It spans over a single day, teams consist of 1-5 jammers and the objective is to create games based on a given theme. All this while eating grilled stuff.

How will the event unfold ?

Starting 2pm on saturday, jammers will arrive with their computer (and whatever else is required), then they form teams (or already have one), the theme is announced, and the party begins. At 7pm, we throw the BBQ!
On sunday, at 2pm, the games are presented and we start playing while eating pizzas. After that, we'll have an "after-jam" until 5pm where each group can share and talk with the others.

Location and date


Technoport Luxembourg
9 avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

Four minutes away from the train station ("Belval Université" stop). The building is adapted to people with reduced mobility.

All the necessary maps are available here.

7 avenue de Blida
F-57000 Metz

15 minutes away from the train station. By tram ("Mettis"), line A, "Pontiffroy" stop. 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Paris by train. Free parking lot in front of the building.


From Saturday, August 26, 2017, 2pm up to sunday, 2pm~5pm (you can stay a little longer if ou feel like it to talk and play some more).

Memories from previous editions

Creative people from various backgrounds

a relaxed atmosphere

An epic BBQ!

You can also have an idea of this event by watching the videos from last year and some pics.

More information

For whom?

The event is open to all, no matter your background, age or experience in game making.

The BBQ Game Jam being a more relax event than other bigger game jams, it is a good opportunity to discover what a game jam is if you are new to the concept.

Open roles are : coders, illustrators, game designers and musicians.

Mandatory technology?

By the way, virtual reality devices will be available this year if you want to try it out !

Eat ?

BBQ in the evening, breakfast on sunday morning, pizza for lunch and cold drinks will be served and are included in the registration package.


A quiet space will be at your disposal. Bring your sleeping bag!

Registration and fees

Remaining tickets in Esch-sur-Alzette: 39
Remaining tickets in Metz: 11


Registration fees of 20€ (or 15€ for COIN members) are required. The registration fees supports setting up the event to give you access to an all inclusive package. Drinks, snacks and meals will be provided throughout the day, just bring your best smile and please indicate if you have any food restrictions.

In case of registration cancellation after august the 19th, we may not be able to refund fees as we would already have ordered the BBQ and pizzas.

Registration for participants

Too late, registration are close for this edition.

Visitors and press

Visitors are welcomed starting sunday 2pm, with mandatory and free registration by e-mail. As visitor, you will be able to play the games created during the event.

Press representatives are welcomed anytime during the event (please notify your presence by e-mail).

An initiative hosted by the ACE Creative project

BBQ Game Jam is hosted by ACE Creative. The ACE Creative project supports user driven start-up processes to enable entrepreneurs to mature their concept and internationalize more quickly & successfully. The open living lab to play and test game will be open as per 07pm and will initiate online interaction with worldwide event followers.

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Contact and News

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